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My YouTube Pick Landscape Photography Tip – Decent into Zion

A GoPro video produced by landscape photographers A.D. Wheeler and Lou Quattrini during a 2013 road trip to Zion National Park. I have never had the pleasure of seeing and photographing the park, so the descent into the park from the tunnel was phenomenal. Coming from a flat state of Delaware, I am completely floored by the beauty of the stone mountains everywhere in the park.  Zion has moved up on my bucket list of locations to photograph.

My YouTube Landscape Photography Pick

Photography Workflow from Lightroom to Photoshop Part 1 with Elia Locardi

In this video, professional Travel and Landscape photographer Elia Locardi covers his most effective process for importing photos into Adobe Lightroom. He shares his wonderful insight on what he looks for in an image during the selection process before editing begins. Also during this video Locardi shows us some of the many benefits Lightroom offers photographers, including a quick edit workflow for initial adjustments to color, contrast, and exposure before sending them into Photoshop for composition refinement.

My YouTube Landscape Photography Pick

Landscape Photography Tips and Techniques from Michael Melford

National Geographic Photographer Michael Medford will teach you how to take your landscape photography from good to breathtaking with just a few simple tips. Michael career of capturing stunning landscapes and vistas of the world on almost every continent.  However, his favorite shoots have been in the U.S. where he has been assigned to cover 14 National Parks for a major feature story. He shares his tips on composition the shots, gaining a fresh perspective on locations selected, and successfully shooting landscapes in some of the most challenging weather conditions.