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Shoot Close or Go Wide – Nature Photography 101

Floral Nature Photograph Water Droplets On Mum Petals - Fine Art Canvas - Home Decor Unframed Wall Art Prints
Floral Nature Photograph Water Droplets On Mum Petals

Try shooting your subject at different focal lengths during your session. Photograph your subject at a wide angle to take in the entire scene or go close to isolate a specific detail about your subject you want to emphasis. Try to avoid capturing shots of your subject head-on as they normally appear in front of you, this is the normal everyday perspective and can be mundane. If you move around and shoot from different angles you are showcasing details that normally go unnoticed; in my opinion this is one way to add the “wow” factor to your photographs.

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Split Toning in Lightroom: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Published on Aug 16, 2016 by: Adorama

This simple technique can add punch to your photos. Split Toning allows you to add color tones to your highlights and shadows for creative effect, and it simple to do! Watch as Mark Wallace explains the simple but powerful Lightroom feature.

Photography Quickies: Taking Photos on Overcast Days

Photography Quickies: Taking Photos on Overcast Days
Published Jan 7, 2016 by: Nikon USA

Lindsay Silverman, Nikon Senior Product Manager, offers us a quick tip on taking photographs on overcast days. This is also a great tip for an emerging nature photographer looking to enhance their photographs.

Nature Photo Tip Quickies: What is Composition

Delicate Rose is a dramatic black and white nature photograph of the delicate petals of a rose bloom with dew droplets resting on them. This photograph was created in the beautiful, award winning Rose Garden in Brandywine Park located in Wilmington, Delaware. Title: Delicate Rose B and W Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Nature PhotographyPhoto Quickie: What is Composition

A composition of a photograph effective conveys the intended meaning of the photographer while the image was begin created. The composition could be of a variety of thing for placement to mood, as well as depth and subject matter. A good composition or strong composition in a photograph is easy for the viewer to spot the intended subject or reason the the photograph was created.

Image Info:

Title: Delicate Rose
Nature Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Floral Nature Photography (Black and White)


Photography Quickie Tip: Wide Load

urban Landscape Photograph Shining Cab by Nature and Landscape Photographer Melissa Fague

Photo Quickie: Wide Load

Because the angle of view that a  wide-angle lens has makes it the obviously the easier lens to use where there’s limited space or the subject are large; such as city scenes and vast landscapes.  However, just because the Wide-angle’s view is much greater than that of the telephoto or standard lens, it doesn’t mean you can’t create stunning images; you’ll just have to be more creative.

Image Info:

Title: Shining Cab
Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Abstract / Urban Landscape  Photography