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Nature Photography Tips with Robert O’Toole

Nature Photography Tips with Robert O’Toole
Published Jan 4, 2014 by: Don Haynes

In this nature photography video we join professional wildlife photographer, Robert O’Toole  as he discusses his travels across the world routinely enduring extreme temperatures, sometimes hiking loaded down with gear for miles in total darkness to capture images of nature at sunrise. In this presentation Robert shares his inspiration, passion and creative vision that drives his photography. He shares some of his favorite images and the equipment, techniques and stories behind them.

Landscape Photography Quickies with Thomas Heaton: Look Soft & Sharp

Landscape Photography Quickies with Thomas Heaton: Look Soft & Sharp

Published Jun 18, 2017 by: Thomas Heaton

It’s unusual for Thomas to indulge in too much editing, however with this image Thomas processed it more than he usually would. Thomas had a picture in his mind of how he wanted it to look. During this landscape photography tutorial Thomas achieves his vision with Lightroom and Photoshop. He used the Loupedeck to edit the RAW file, which massively improves the LR user experience.

Nature Photography Tips: Composition and Sharpness

Nature Photography Tips: Composition and Sharpness

Published Oct 14, 2016 by: Wex Photographic

In this nature photography tutorial on macro photography we join award-winning macro and wildlife photographer Ross Hoddinott. Ross picks up where he left off in the previous episode, photographing the butterfly he spotted. As he sets up this shot and more, Ross discusses composition and sharpness, covering background choice, depth of field and a number of other factors that will take your close-up to the next level. He also offers a couple of invaluable tips that will make a big difference when you’re working in the field.

Nature Photography Tips with Visual Wilderness: Composition Tips for Macro Photography

Composition Tips for Macro Photography

Published Mar 3, 2016 byVisual Wilderness

In this nature photography tutorial we join Visual Wilderness on a trip to Falls Klamath Cove in California to go over composition to help you better understand macros nature photography. Stay to the very end to see the results, they are stunning.

Landscape Photography Tips: How to Create STUNNING Sunset Photos

Landscape Photography Tips: How to Create STUNNING Sunset Photos

Published Mar 11, 2015 by: YuriFineart

In this photoshop video I will share all of my secrets and techniques that I use when editing a sunset photo. Instead of going for the classical orange look, I will focus on getting a great variety of colors and a overall dynamic picture. Keep in mind that my main focus was to show all of the tools in lightroom and explain them rather than going for the perfect look, also, I get why most people woud consider this overdone, even I think it is a bit over the top to be honest. You don’t have to go as far as I have gone however, with any of the adjustments, you can go halfway or even just a quarter as far and use the adjustments you find fitting for your photo & editing style.

Landscape Photography Tip with Jason Odell: Art of the Long Exposure

Landscape Photography Tip with Jason Odell: Art of the Long Exposure

Published by Jason Odell on Oct 2, 2015

In this landscape photography tutorial we explore the art of long exposure with professional landscape photographer Jason P. Odell. In this video Jason discusses the art and artistry of creative long exposure photography and the history as well as the techniques he uses to create his stunning landscape photographs.

Big Dreams by Jason Odell on 500px.com



Nature Photography Tips with Eric Skrypczak: Camera Settings for Birding

Nature Photography Tips with Eric Skrypczak: Camera Settings for Birding
Published Jul 10, 2014 by: EricSkrz

Wildlife is one of the hardest subjects to photograph. The animals are horrible when it comes to listing to pose directions (just kidding) but a photographer does need to be quick in order to capture a great photograph of a moving target. Having your camera setting in order before the shoot will help a great deal when you are out in the field. In this nature photography tutorial we join wildlife photographer Eric Skrypczak through the different camera setting to capturing stunning bird and other wildlife photographs.