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Sunset at Reedy Point

Sunset at Reedy Point

Sunset at Reedy Point is a landscape photograph of twilight over still marsh water with reflected color from the sky and the marsh grasses highlighted in the foreground. This photograph was created in the Reedy Point Marshes just south of Delaware City.

Photographer: Melissa Fague
Copyright: ©2013 Copyright Melissa Fague all rights reserved
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  • Multiple print materials: Canvas, metal, and traditional photo paper
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Weekly Photo Challenge – Adventure

Paddle Surfers in the Sunset

There was beautiful clouds in the sky the night I took this photo which gave a layered effect of color; the colors were much more dramatic after the sun passed the horizon. Shortly after most of the visitors left the beach there was a group of paddle surfers that came through the Cape Henlopen Bay. I wasn’t ready to leave yet so I stayed and watched the surfers approach the beach. As I watched them paddle in I thought a few motion silhouettes of the surfers would look pretty cool in setting sun, so I tried to get a few shots in, this one is my favorite.

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Prints are available in:

  • Multiple sizes
  • Multiple print materials: Canvas, fine art photo paper, Traditional photo paper
  • Discounting is available for multiple prints

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What a week!

There is so much happening this week that I can not begin to express my happiness. This week I found out that two photo stock agencies have accepted me as a contributor. A selection of my images are now available on Shutterstock and Dreamstime to be licensed for commercial use. That is a total of three agencies that I am working with now. More images will be added to them all over the next few weeks. The second bit of fabulous news is one of my photos is being published in Photographer’s Forum’s “Best of Photography 2014” table top book; this will be my first photograph to be published in a book.

Motion of the Ocean Landscape photograph created by Melissa Fague from PI Photography and Fine Art

Motion of the Ocean created by: Melissa Fague – Landscape Photography

The best part of the week was the moment I told my teenage son and daughter of my achievements and the look of pride that they had on their face for me. I will never forget that moment; I was so moved by the moment that I broke out into uncontrollable tears of joy. We have been through so much since my car accident, being able to show my children that hard work, no matter what you are being faced with, does pay off…and it is an absolutely priceless feeling.

…and I couldn’t have timed this post any better if I tried for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette 


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