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Optic 2016: Essentials of Creative Composition in Landscape Photography with Robert Rodriguez Jr.

Published on Jun 19, 2016 by B and H

Strong composition is one of the essential ingredients of landscape photography, yet many still find the ability to make strong images difficult and elusive. While the art of composition is learned through practice and experience, there are fundamental concepts and approaches that can help to improve your ability to make stronger images. In this presentation, Robert Rodriguez Jr. shares some of what he thinks are the key elements of strong composition in landscape photography and how you might apply them to your own image making.

B&H Prospectives: Landscape Photography with Robert Rodriguez Jr.

In this episode of Prospectives by B and H, Robert Rodriguez Jr shares with the staff of B and H and their audience his artistic process toward landscape photography. Robert is based in the Hudson Valley area of New York State, Robert emphasizes some key elements to  improving, maintaining, inspiration and experimenting with the landscape through focusing on familiar scenery.

Show created and directed by Kelly Mena.
Robert Rodriguez Jr. Photography: http://robertrodriguezjr.com/