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Recommended Reading Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

I never knew a self-help book can be simultaneously funny, emotional, compelling and life-changing, but Girl Wash Your Face is just that. My goal was to simply listen to a chapter a day but I ended up listening to half the book in one night and then the other half the following morning. As a woman, a mom, partner, a grand-mom and a business owner I sometimes feel frustrated, overworked, under appreciate and sometime worthless when my tasks, goals or projects don’t work out as planned…sometimes the frustration grows to a point of wanting to throw up my hands, scream WTF and runaway or sit in the bathroom and cry.
Rachel makes a great point that as women, we don’t talk enough about the things that frustrate or scare us deep inside…instead we suppress and we pass judgements on others based on our own insecurities and past experience. We, as women, hold our deepest fears inside and ultimately we could sabotage our own self worth, relationships (both personal and business), and our own happiness.
I’ll admit that when I heard her young voice read the introduction of the book I past judgement on her…”She’s a baby! How is she going to be a voice of experience and motivation” …I’m truly glad I continued to listen. She offered realistic, straight forward advice with a slice of humor and examples of her own humbling moments.
I highly recommend this to any book woman struggling with, motherhood, business and personal goals…so much so that it’s going to be a gift this year to all the women in my life.

I like to listen to books through Audible but her book is available in Hard Copy, CD, Kindle and on Audible through Amazon.

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