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Thank you For Recent Home Decor and Wall Art Purchases (3)

Thank You For The Recent Sales of Art Prints, Home Decor and More 4/5/2021

Good morning my friends, it’s time for shoutouts!

A huge shoutout of appreciation to all that explored our online shops on 4/5/2021 and purchased these items. Your support of the arts and small businesses is deeply appreciated, thank you! 

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Recently Sold Pi Photography and Fine Art (Houzz)

Coastal / Beach / Shore Fine Art Canvas Signed Limited Edition Wall Art Prints. Collectible wall art that depict the stunning details of the shore for your living room, dining room, bedrooms, offices and more.
“Washing out to Sea” Nautical Nature Photo Fine Art Canvas Wall Art Print, 24″x36″ – Houzz

Recently Sold Pi Photography and Fine Art (Society6)

Recently Sold (Simply Solids)

New Artwork Wanderlust Traditional Color Coastal Landscape Photo

Wanderlust Traditional Color Coastal Landscape Photo Fine Art Canvas Prints - Wall Decor - Artwork - Art
Wanderlust is a minimal coastal landscape photograph

About This Coastal Landscape Scene: Wanderlust is a minimal coastal landscape photograph of a bare weathered tree at low tide against the beautiful turquoise water of the ocean in the Florida Keys and a thick heavy rain cloud. This photograph was created at a little pull off on Route 1 (Oceanview Hwy) near the Old Bahia Honda Railroad Bridge, on the West Summerland Key (Part of the Big Pine Key), Key West Florida 10/2020.

Title: Wanderlust Traditional Color 
Landscape Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Landscape Photography
Item ID#: LAND-0188
Main Colors of this Photograph: Blue White and Brown

Print Options:


New To Our Houzz Shop

Coastal landscape, nature and wildlife photography wall art and fine art prints now available on Houzz
Showing (from left to right): Bob The Pelican 3R Colorized, Bob The Pelican 3 Colorized & Bob The Pelican Colorized

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Shop our newest coastal landscape, nature & wildlife photographic wall art and fine art decorating prints now available on Houzz

Wall Decorating Tip By Charmean Neithart: Abstract Art for Every Style Interior

By:  Published December 17, 2012

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say, “Abstract art wouldn’t look good in my house.” I’d have a lot of dollars. It’s a common misconception that abstract art works only with a modern aesthetic. Although it does look great in modern settings, it can light up the most traditional of interiors as well.

One of my objectives in designing a room is to expose clients to things they wouldn’t intuitively consider. My experience is that when clients do step outside their comfort zone, they are thrilled with the outcome. Abstract art is a bit outside that zone for many. Here are some tips for incorporating it into your home, if you haven’t done so already.

Photo by Glenn Gissler Design – Discover living room design inspiration

This beautiful abstract piece gives this living room a fresh perspective. It contrasts the traditional elements for a perfect transitional blend. Notice that all the pattern is provided by the art, while the palette is repeated in the textiles.

Abstract art has a great ability to set a mood. For that reason, it is a perfect backdrop for contemplative spaces like bedrooms and sitting rooms.

Abstract art can help establish a palette. Take color cues from your abstract piece by repeating a color in fabrics or lighting.

An abstract piece can cut the heavy ornamentation of traditional pieces in half. By pairing this very traditional rococo console table with abstract art, the table feels fresh and not too old fashioned.… Read Full Article

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Wall Decorating Tip By Pangaea: 10 Design Strategies for Art Lovers

By: Pangaea Published June 9, 2011


This Ideabook is for art lovers. Artists get into a real tizzy about the subject of people looking for art-to-match-the-sofa. Coming from a background as an artist, I always encourage my interior design clients to select art first if they don’t have any so they feel free to buy what they love and not worry about what it goes with. And then we can plan the decor around the art.

I’m sure I’ll get an irate artist or two commenting here. I’ve spoken with some artists who feel the art completely stands on its own and should have nothing to do with the decor. Here’s the simple fact. No matter how irritated artists get by the subject of art-matching-the-sofa, your art will always look better and have greater impact in the space when the decor supports the art. Here are techniques you can use in your decor to support your art and make it even better.


Photo by Tracy Murdock Allied ASID – More living room photos

1. Repetition of color and line. This art is so well supported by this room. The strong black-and-white graphic image is echoed in the black-and-white upholstery with lines that are similar to the curves in the woman’s face. Even with the bright yellow accents in the room, the art is still the standout.

Repeating color from the art increases its impact in the room. Here, the green bed pillows pull their color from the art. Without them, the art doesn’t feel quite as strong. Try it! Put your finger just over the pillows in the picture. Having that bit of green on the bed to echo the color visually strengthens the art.

The undulating lines of the vases on this table pick up the shapes from the painting and increases its visual interest.

There are a lot of ways to repeat the lines in art. This dining table emulates the curves and the color of the center of the painting. The floral display brings in more of the color.


Photo by Dillard Pierce Design Associates – More family room ideas


2. Balance of color. This art has a lot of black with just a little bit of red. The black sofa with just a little red pillow keeps the same balance of colors as the art. Carrying that balance of color though the furnishings spreads the influence of the painting

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